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The SJM Signature Perfect Gift Bundle includes the following:

  • Candle 140z
  • Foam hand soap 10oz
  • Soap 4.8oz
  • Choice of 2oz body oil fragrances
  • Perfect SJM Liquid Lip Glow (Retail $20).

Gift Bundle

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Cherry Blossom Candle 14 oz - is a lively and authentic botanical fragrance, celebrating the renewal of spring with a promise of luscious tart/sweet fruits to come.

    3 wick candles in a beautiful clear glass jar with a silver hammered lid. Each candle is 14oz with a pure white soy blend wax with three wicks for a fast melt, a nice wax pool, and a great throw that is perfect for mid to large-size rooms. The scents have a clean burn for up to 45 hours. It uses lead-free cotton wicks and each candle is a highly fragrant amazing scent. Highly fragrant, the scent will last the life of the candle. The candle is crafted right here in the USA to ensure quality and consistency in every jar.


    Japanese Cherry Blossom Hand Form Soap


    Lavender Soap Loaves / Bars Cold Process 4.8 oz


    Choice of 2oz body oil fragrances


    Perfect SJM Liquid Lip Glow (Retail $20).

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